Spring 2018 Fellowships for LATTICE Graduate Students

As in past years, LATTICE has been allocated funds to be awarded for graduate student fellowships for the academic year. LATTICE is soliciting requests from graduate students (international and domestic) for fellowships to support research or activities that are related to LATTICE’s mission to cultivate a global perspective in K-12 classrooms. Although not a requisite for consideration or award, particular attention will be paid to research and activities that contribute (or have contributed) directly to either LATTICE, its network, its teachers’ classrooms, or to replication of aspects of LATTICE elsewhere, including overseas.

Fellowships will be awarded for varying amounts.

Applicant Eligibility:

1) Be enrolled as a full-time graduate student at MSU for the spring 2018 semester.

2) Have not previously received a LATTICE fellowship.

3) Be a LATTICE member (must attend at least 3 sessions).

Application Procedure:

Applicants for the LATTICE Graduate Student Fellowship must submit the following application materials by e-mail to the LATTICE Session Director at lattice@msu.edu and cc to ginantod@msu.edu

Application materials should include:

  • A letter (no longer than 700 words) describing the research or activity and how it relates to the LATTICE mission,* and your plans for disseminating the outcomes. The letter should be addressed to the LATTICE Session Director.

*LATTICE is a learning community and international network that cultivates and supports a global perspective in K-12 classrooms through personal and professional development opportunities.

Application Deadline:

Application materials should be sent by March 22, 2018.