We are trying to share more session content materials digitally on this webpage, and we hope that the materials we are sharing here can be helpful for your teaching or research on intercultural communication and global perspectives and identities.

2018 October Session: Exploring Strategies to Help Students Think Critically About Global Events

Pre-session reading material: “Critical thinking in the context of global learning”

In-session online materials:

Post-session resources shared by our teacher member Amanda Schneider, who is a first grade teacher from Pinecrest Elementary School:

  • a free, research-based social studies curriculum for grade 8 which promotes critical thinking and literacy: http://www.soe.umich.edu/news_events/news/article/new_social_studies_curriculum_promotes_literacy_free_to_teachers_nationwide/
  • a teacher community on Facebook (Create Abilities)  including people around the world, and here is Amanda’s story of using resources from the group to plan her lesson with authentic global messages: “I  reached out to a teacher community on Facebook (Create Abilities) about our 1st grade weather unit because my students were interested to see what the weather was like in other parts of the world and I heard back from people in Indonesia, the UK, Scotland, Australia (10+ people throughout), Japan, Romania, 5 provinces in Canada, 21 states and the virgin islands all within less than a day with a couple more saying they’d share later when it’s light out- so that could be a great resource for other teachers!”


2018 September Session: Contemporary Africa

Dr. John Metzler, African Studies Center, Michigan State University

  • The Year of Global Africa Introduction
  • How and Why to Teach Africa
  • Presentation slides by John Metzler: Stories_Africa

“Home” A poem by Warsan Shire, introduced and assembled by Jennifer Pippin